Welcome to TEMPO Soccer Club
    Tempo Soccer Club
    Tempo is a member of US Club Soccer, and offers year round competitive and developmental soccer

    2015 Club Player Assessments
    Ages 9-18 Years
    (players need to be 9 by7/31/2016)
    Cost: $25
    Location: Tea, SD
    U9 - U11 Player Assessments
    June 16 & 22, 2015
    U12 - U18 Player Assessments
    June 15 & 23, 2015

    Tempo's Fall Academy
    Ages 3-10 Years
    (players need to be 4 by7/31/2016)
    Check back after May 15, 2015 for more details.

    Tempo's Spring Academy
    Ages 3-10 Years
    (players need to be 4 by7/31/2015)
    Start Date, Location, and Cost is dependent on your child's age
    (Please click TSC Academy link for details) 
    To Register: Click Here
    Registration deadline is March 8th, 2015

    NetPistol Futsal Shootout
    March 13-15, 2015
    Team Registration: Click Here
    Prairie Soccer League
    April - May - June 2015
    Team Registration: Click Here
    Tempo Classic Tournament
    May 1-3, 2015
    Team Registration: Click Here

    Tempo's Soccer Club
    • Ages 11-18
    • Yearly Player Dues: $150
    • Uniform costs: $150
    • Teams compete in tournaments year round
    • Teams will compete in the Prairie Soccer League
    • Click here to express interest

    Field Locations:
    • Indoor Training Facility: Click here for building location within Tea.
    • Avera Sports Dome: Click here for building location within Sioux Fall, SD
    • U6 - U12 Soccer Field: Click here for complex location within Tea.
    • Tea Area Elementary / Intermediate School: Click here for building location within Tea.

    The difference in the academy/club program or recreational program lies in the level of commitment, investment, and interest among players and their parents. Academy play allows a more structured environment for better skill development. To ensure the quality of Tempo’s Academy, Tempo will limit the enrollment into the Academy. Tempo will limit the age groups to 18-24 players per gender. Age groups: U4, U5, U6...U15,U16.

    Past Tempo Tournament
    2014 Spring Dakota Challenge
    • Tournament Results: Click Here
    • Player Awards: TBD
    2014 Tempo Classic
    2014 NetPistol Futsal Shootout
    2013  Fall Dakota Challenge
    2013  Tempo Classic:
    Tempo Trading Pins
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